• If you are not satisfied with what your teeth look like...

  • If your teeth are very tight and overlap...

  • Do you have bite problems or problems with chewing joint?


Today, there are no limits to orthodontic treatment. At our clinic you can choose between conventional (visible) and invisible orthodontic treatment, so called lingual orthodontics.

About conventional orthodontics

Orthodontics is generally focused on moving bad positioned teeth and controlling and/or changing growth and development of the jaws. Orthodontic mechanics (brackets, wires etc.) are temporary placed and glued on the outer/visible tooth surfaces. Treatment time vary due to complicity of the orthodontic problem. Average treatment time is 18-24 months. After active treatment it is essential to use some fixed or removable appliance to stabilize achieved results.

About lingual, invisible orthodontics

This is a special orthodontic technique where a dentist places/glues orthodontic mechanics (brackets, wires etc.) on the inner/invisible tooth surfaces. Every orthodontic problem can be treated with invisible appliances. With invisible/lingual appliances a patient gets aesthetically perfect treatment option. Treatment principles and treatment time are almost the same as with conventional visible appliances. http://www.lingualtechnik.de/

Clear aligner

This is a sort of invisible orthodontics, based on several transparent, removable appliances used to correct malpositioned teeth. A patient is given several systematically produced appliances which are supposed to be used at the specified time and order. These appliances produce gradual and controlled pressure on the malpositioned teeth.The expected result should be planned movement of the teeth to the right position.

The effect of the treatment with CLEAR ALIGNER system depends very much on the patients cooperation. Generally, this kind of invisible treatment gives best results in treatments of the small orthodontic problems.